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Disclaimer***Acura TSX V6-3.5L Technical Service Bulletin # 10-036 Date 101215

Disclaimer***Acura TSX V6-3.5L Technical Service Bulletin # 10-036 Date 101215

Body - Front Grille Moulding Protective Film Is Peeling


December 15, 2010

Applies To

2009 TSX - ALL

2010 TSX L4 - JH4CU2...AC000001 thru JH4CU2...AC032244

2010 TSXV6-JH4CU4...AC000001 thru JH4CU4...AC003686

Front Grille Molding Is Peeling

(Supersedes 10-036, dated September11, 2010, to revise the information marked by asterisks)


Under WARRANTY CLAIM INFORMATION, the Symptom Code was changed.


The protective film covering the chrome on the front upper grille molding is peeling off.


There is an insufficient bond between the chrome and the protective film.


Replace the grille molding.


A (Acura) Emblem PN 75700-TL2-A00

Upper Grille Molding PN 71122-TL2-A00

Push Nut (two required) PN 90672-SW5-003


The normal warranty applies.

Operation Number 8131D8

Flat Rate Time 0.6 hour

Failed Part PN 71122-TL2-A00

Defect Code 02502

Symptom Code 08601

Skill Level Repair Technician



^ Take care not to scratch the grille, the front bumper, or the body.


^ Wrap a flat-tip screwdriver with tape to prevent damage when prying on the bumper clips.

^ Put on gloves to protect your hands.

^ Have an assistant help you when removing and installing the front bumper.

^ Release the clips by prying up at the center pin of the notch.


1. Remove the grille cover

- Detach the clips.

- Pass both hood edge cushions through the holes in the cover by pulling the rear edge of the cover up, then slide the entire cover rearward to

release it from the groove in the front grille.

- Pass the hood latch handle through the hole in the cover.

2. Remove the front bumper skin by removing the screws and detaching the clips.


3. Pull on the bumper at the wheel arch area to release it from the hooks on the side spacers.

4. With the help of an assistant, pull both sides of the bumper away from the side spacers. Then pull the bumper out to release the hooks from the

upper beams.

5. With the help of an assistant, disconnect the fog light connectors while holding the bumper, then remove the bumper.


6. Remove the grille by removing the screws, detaching the clips, and releasing the hooks and ribs from the bumper.

7. Remove the A emblem from the front grille molding.

8. Remove the front grille molding by removing the screws, releasing the hooks (six places) from the grille base, and releasing the projections (five

places) from the hood center seal.



^ Make sure the tabs on the molding engage the seal securely.


^ Push the hooks and the clips into place securely.

^ If the clips are damaged or stress-whitened, replace them with new ones.

9. Install the front grille molding.

10. Attach the new A emblem using new push nuts.

11. Reattach the grille to the bumper skin.


12. Reconnect the fog light connectors, and reattach the bumper to the vehicle. Make sure the bumper engages the hooks of both the upper beam

and the side spacers securely on each side.

13. Reinstall the grille cover. Pass both hood edge cushions back through the holes in the cover. Pass the hood latch handle back through the hole in